Adventures in Recovery: Walking

It's been three and a half years since the stroke. In that time, I have gone from lying prone unable even to pee by myself, to a wheelchair, to dragging myself along with a walker, to a four-pronged cane, finally to a single cane.

I've used that cane for about two years. In the time I've used it, I've learned gradually to walk with minimal use of it. I've always had it with me, though; when I needed it, I NEEDED it, and I didn't want to be without it. It was also a signal that I'm disabled. I need a little extra attention sometimes--not much, but sometimes--and the cane is a sign to those around me to be careful.

I do like to challenge myself, though.

So today, when Lou and I walked to the corner cafe, I decided to go cane-less. I had Lou with me just in case I needed to grab someone, and so I left the cane home.

Well, folks, I walked about seven blocks there, and back. I didn't have to grab for Lou, and I didn't fall. I did walk rather slowly, and I was super glad I had someone with me. I don't intend to make a habit of it any time soon--usually when I leave the house, I'm alone, for instance---but knowing that, if I had to, I could walk without the cane is a tremendous, tremendous gift.